Shriners Hospitals for Children is a network of 22 pediatric specialty hospitals, operated and maintained by the Shrine have treated more than 800,000 children to date at a cost of more than 7.6 billion. In 2005, more than 24,000 children were admitted to Shriner orthopedic hospitals, more than 2,600 children were admitted to Shiner burn hospitals, and there were more then 305,000 outpatient, outreach, and telemedicine visits to the 22 hospitals. The hospitals have a 2006 annual budget of 649 million dollars, including 33 million in research, with 93 percent of the budget going toward treatment or research. All children, up to 18 years old , may be eligible for treatment at Shriners Hospitals if they, in the opinion of the hospital's chief of staff, could benefit from the specialized care available at Shriners Hospitals. Eligibility is not based on financial need or relationship to a Shriner.

It is through the hearts of people just like you that make miracles possible! Please donate your time and money to those children in need of your love and care.